Those were my hands 15 days before applying this home remedy and my face was also blemish-free.

Spots on hands have always been a cause of concern for all women. These spots appear for various reasons but one of the most important are: Excessive exposure to the sun, poor skin care or old age.

There is a substance called melanin that is found in the skin and is responsible for providing color to the skin. As we age, we constantly expose ourselves to the sun and in other cases we have an imbalance of melanin.

This imbalance causes stains on the hands. Although this is a problem that directly affects older people, we are all constantly exposed to this imbalance.

If you want to prevent this disease or if you are currently suffering from these spots, don’t worry because nature has the solution for this situation and other problems. Therefore, you should pay close attention to the following instructions to eliminate them quickly and without suffering side effects.


Lemon juice

Lemon also contains many vitamins and minerals essential for health. If we spread a little of this juice on our hands, after a few days, little by little the stains will disappear. Remember that you should not apply lemon during the day since it cannot be exposed to the sun because it can cause the opposite effects. your skin, so it is advisable to apply it at night.

Apple cider vinegar