This is how you prepare the baking soda cream before bed.

As the years go by, we must take better care of our skin to prevent it from aging prematurely.

One of the most important factors to feel good, look good and have good self-esteem is our skin, especially the skin of the face, because it is the skin most visible to other people, due to free radicals, poor care, poor hydration. and over the years our skin can change.

This may begin to present:

– A wrinkle
– Spots and freckles
– Make her look old
– Boring and masochistic.

To avoid premature deterioration of the skin, you have to learn to take care of it. Periodic cleaning and hydration is essential because it allows you to decorate a sexy and healthy face, so get used to taking care of it.

The main ingredients of the baking soda facial mask are:

Sodium bicarbonate:

– a few tablespoons.

Natural mineral water.

– Never drink tap water, it must already be purified.


– If your skin is very oily.


If you have a dry face, it moisturizes deeply.

You can also use any other ingredient that you are used to that works for your face such as aloe vera, olive oil, acetylsalicylic acid, etc.

Preparation procedure:

Add all the baking powder to the water.
Mix well until smooth.
Add a few drops of lemon or half a tablespoon of honey depending on your needs.
Aspirin is a good option for exfoliation.


Apply the mask to the entire face, avoiding the eye area. Wait fifteen to twenty minutes. Remove with plenty of water. If you see dry skin on your face, apply a moisturizer or a little vegetable oil along with a few drops of hydrogen peroxide.