They call it the plant of eternal youth because it regenerates your organs and nourishes your cells from head to toe.

The elixir of youth has not yet been made known, but many people say that it does exist, that we must only look closely at natural remedies, which are many, to tell the truth, and by the time we find them we may have already grown old. TRUE?

We know that you want to take care of your health and also always look good, but you have tried all the creams and nothing seems to work, the expression lines persist and you don’t know what to do to make this appearance go away.

There are many factors that influence when we talk about old age, it is not just about age, but also diet is essential to avoid this type of problems and today we want to guide you much better.

In this post we will be introducing you to a supplement that when incorporated into your daily diet will help you with your problems related to old age, it is the elixir of youth that you longed for, you will see it once you try it.

Feeling young and full of life is something that has become more than a necessity, it is a luxury. Not all people age with a good appearance and in good health. Not many people have that luck.

Of the people who do not have that luck, there are some who strive to find the elixir of youth, and today coincidentally we bring it for you, it is a wonderful tea that will not only rejuvenate you, but will fill you with nutrients.

It is a tea based on the herb called nettle, which you probably know, but you didn’t know it had these types of benefits, but yes, it will help you look and feel good about yourself so don’t miss the recipe to prepare it.


  • 1 cup of water
  • nettle leaves

Preparation and consumption

You must place the nettle leaves in the boiling water and let it cook for 5 minutes, turn off the heat and let it rest. Once it is warm, strain the infusion and drink.

You should drink this infusion 1 or 2 times a day, every day, it can be once on an empty stomach and before going to sleep, or only on an empty stomach.

This infusion will help you combat arthritis, prostatitis, hemorrhoids, inflammation, even pharyngitis and will regenerate each of your internal organs, promoting improved health. In cases of hyperuricemia or urinary infections it is an excellent diuretic.

In addition to this, it also treats external conditions such as acne, it is an infusion that will undoubtedly help you a lot to improve. Remember to eat well and drink water, this will help you much more. Don’t think twice and try it.